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36. Franz Wilhelm Schiertz - Vid Bondhusbreen

(1813 - 1887)

Franz Wilhelm Schiertz(born 4. august 1813 in Leipzig; dead 6. october 1887 in Balestrand)was a deutsch-norwegian painter and architect.

Schiertz, the son of Johann Friedrich Elias Schiertz, was a student of Johan Christian Klausson Dahl(1788 - 1857) in Dresden and got fame as a landscape-painter.

In 1836 he was send to Norway to make architecture-drawings of the stavechurches in Borgund, Heddal and Urnes, which were shown in his works from 1837 about Norwegian tree-buildings.

In 1841 the stavechurch located at Vang in Valdres was sold to Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Schiertz got the task to document the transportation of the church and the rebuilding of it at Krummhubel in Niederschlesien(today Karparcz in Poland).

In 1856 he got married in Selje with Karen Sophie Reusch Koren(born 26. august 1832 in Bergen; dead 23. mars 1933), the daughter of Paul Schonevig Stub Koren and Henriette Christiana Rulfs.

He was a drawer for the Norwegian North-sea expedition 1876-78. He was also the drawing-teacher for Fridtjof Nansen and Ludvig Munthe. He was also Anders Askevold's teacher.

Schiertz grave is located at Tjugum graveyard in Balestrand.

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