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26. Hans Dahl - Jente med rive

(1849 - 1937)

Hans Dahl was born in Granvin in Hardanger. Dahl studied in Berlin and lived in Balestrand. He married a German girl, Helena Bewer, with whom he had a son and a daughter.

From around 1880 new artistic styles made their entree both here and internationally. The romantic and neo.romantic traditions were on the way out, and for Hans Dahl, who was born into and artistic family of romantic tradition, these times were very difficult.

It is perhaps in the turbulence betwen different traditions that we find the most striking facets of this artist. Hans Dahl has no paintings Nasjonalgalleriet in Oslo, however.

Dahl was a good friend of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, and in 1910 he was appointed Royal Prussian Professor of Painting. Hans Dahl built Villa strandheim here in Balestrand, and lived here until he died in 1937.

He is buried at the Tjugum cemetery here in Balestrand.

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