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25. Hans Andreas Dahl - Mot Vik

(1881 - 1919)

Hans Andreas Dahl was the son of Prof. Hans Dahl and Helene Bewer. He was born in Düsseldorf and grew up in Berlin. Hans Andreas Dahl accompanied his parents on summer holidays to Norway and Balestrand, and we are quite certain that he was here for the first time in 1891.

He then stayed with his mother and sister at Kvikne's Hotel for 10 weeks. He had no formal art training, but many are of the opinion that as an artist he was better than his father was. In 1910 he built his own study just across from his father's house.

Around 1908 Hans Andreas Dahl married Lorna Bellew from England, with whom he had two sons, Francis and Eric. He contracted pneumonia in 1919 and died only 38 years old.

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