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111. Jakob Weidemann - Komposisjon

(1923 -2001)

Jakob Weidemann was a norwegian artist. Weidemann is considered one of the most important artists in Norwegian moderism in the 1950s , and he was a pioneer of abstract painting in Norway in the decades after World War 2.

Weidemanns work " Big Bird Letter " (1959) as one of "Morgenbladet" twelve most important artworks.

He grew up in Steinkjer and when he was 11 years old he moved to Oslo to live with his other , who was then married . He is a graduate of Bergen Crafts School ( 1939) , Ole B. Eide's painting school ( Bergen 1940 ) and Academy of Art in Oslo ( 1941- ) .

Jacob Weidemanns first show - at Blomqvist , Oslo in 1946 - was an artistic breakthrough.

He died in 2001.

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